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What is social media? What can social media bring us? How can we use it in an effective way to make our businesses more productive and attract more customers using our services? All of this is the story about social media and social media marketing. 

Even though, there are some who only focus on the disadvantages of social media nowadays saying that it can only bring bad effects to our lives, we need to mention the advantages of social media also, especially in business, advertising and marketing campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit is listed as one of the most effective sites to carry out marketing campaigns in this sector. 

These sites are changing the ways people communicate and share personal information with each other. Can you imagine how convenient it would be if you are running a business and by these kinds of social media, you could connect with your customers easily, you could get their data easier than ever before just by one click on the screen?

So it is undeniable to say that it would be really difficult for start-ups to run their businesses, do marketing campaigns, attract customers and maintain long-term relationships with them without social media strategies today.

But the question is: “What are the best ways to get the data you want from your customers using social media?” Check these tips below out to find the answers you are looking for. Social Bigdata – Right target for your grow business

#1: Focus on sending more accurate and relevant services to your customers

Getting more information from your customers could help you to improve your services and be more specific on the products you provide. If you know exactly what your clients need, you could just focus on the products that might be useful for them but not non-relevant services.

For example, if there is one of your users answering that she got married and was planning to have a baby soon in a form to sign up for your company newsletter. You would be smart enough not to send her any ads for online dating services, right? But instead of that, you could send her some advertisements about household furniture, housecleaning services or even diapers. 

#2 Catch the right time to pop up your ads

Let’s talk a bit about Facebook ads now. They have really great database resources, enough to know what their customers are interested in particularly. And from that, they serve their users with ads which are highly relevant to their interests. 

If a user says that he is interested in triathlon, he always takes part in all events related to triathlon, bike races, marathons and you are a member of Facebook marketing team, what would you suggest? Of course, let’s give him what he wants. Here you go. All triathlons-related events, races, marathons, you will pop up as many relevant ads as you can, you will let him know whenever there is one held near his town. 

So use your time wisely to pop up ads relevant to your customers’ interests but be careful not to bombard them with non-related ads.

#3 Create another collection point to expand your database

If you just use your business’ website as the only way to collect data about your clients, it would be limited and take a lot of time. But Facebook or other social channels are created as other effective ways to collect your customers’ information and make it more interesting for them to give their personal data to you. Instead of just poping up a window on the business’ websites saying “If you want to read more, please sign up or fill out this form…”, you could make it more attractive to customers for example programing a small game or competition to get some information in return. And then, when your clients play the games and answer the questions, you will get their information without so much efforts. 

List of 450 who purchase appartment of Belleza & Land project of Phú Mỹ

#4 Apps are also useful tools to collect data from customers

A lot of companies today create apps to help you who are running a business to collect information about your customers. There are endless things you could do with this information you get and use it to create your own business data collection and maintain the long-term relationships with your clients. 

Customers know that to get what they want, they need to give you something you want from them, as well. So if they want a game, a contest entry or anything else, the thing they could give you is their information. Is it fair enough for both of you?

But the thing is that you have to make sure you use their data wisely and transparently.

Fanpage of OPI Nail

#5 Do not force anyone to give you their information, make them want to give it to you themselves

Now let me give you an example from Netflix and its amazing rating system. 

Why do I want to give Netflix my information? Why do I spend time to rate movies I have watched on Netflix? 

It is because I know that Netflix would use the information it gets from me to improve its services and make suggestions about other movies that I might be interested in. So not just for Netflix, but for me also, we both would get benefits. It gets my data, I get to watch movies I like. But giving them my information does not bother me that much because I do not really want to waste my time watching boring movies, if Netflix does not suggest anything to me or if it does not know which movies I am interested in based on the information I provide. 

#6 Do not just care about your fans but reach their friends also

I am sure that you want as many people as possible to know about your businesses, your products and fill the forms that you create to get their information.

So make it easy for your users to share forms, comment on your posts and invite their friends to join them. You can use any sources, any social channels as you like such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or Instagram to share the links of your forms. 

To sum up, just create links and add them to all social channels as you can and let your customers be aware about them, about your products, let them answer the forms and you would get the information from them. 

#7 Well organize and manage the data you get 

What would you do after collecting your customers’ data? Organizing it, right?

Make sure that you make a wise organization of this data, put it in the right categories because it would help you a lot in figuring out what types of services or products you should offer your clients exactly. 

vip data

#8 Social media is really useful even in collecting minimal information

Have you ever heard about Insights? It is one of my favorite Facebook features. This amazing feature could help you to learn a lot about your customers when they just click “Like” your page such as their age, gender, cities, languages they speak.  

We – – promise that we could give you what you need in collecting your customers’ data effectively in all sorts from finance, real estate to banks or whatever you are running a business in. –  Based on behavioral Big data system on social networks, processes and proposes thousands of information lists to help you increase efficiency in social media communication.

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